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Nutritional therapy in London

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Do you require a nutritional therapist?

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Isabelle Gnany

Welcome to Nutri Affairs

Isabelle’s background as a pharmacist combined with her training as a nutritional therapist puts her in a unique position to cater for your needs.

Isabelle has professionally qualified under the strict criteria required for registration with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) for regulation of Nutritional Therapists.

Confidentiality is at the heart of Isabelle’s code of ethics in clinical practice, which is governed by the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Applied Nutrition (BANT)

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You may have specific goals in mind.

You may have health issues that need addressing but don’t quite know how to go about it

You may wish to improve your knowledge in nutrition or your approach to your diet?

Using a holistic approach Isabelle can guide you to make a positive and meaningful change to your health and wellbeing

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Nutritionist in London

About Nutri Affairs

Nutri Affairs has grown out of love and passion for a more natural way of life. Our mission: Empower and Inspire you to achieve a tailored approach to nutrition and optimal wellness. Isabelle is a pharmacist and nutritional therapist at Nutri Affairs.

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Well established research has documented the impact of nutrition and lifestyle changes on  an extensive list of health conditions.

Since the Advertising Standards Authority do not allow conditions to be listed, it is best that you can in touch for any further information.

Nutrition and us

Our requirements for food is primal but our relationship with it is both complex and emotional. Food is not merely a source of energy but plays an important role in our health and the way we feel every day. The body’s ability to function at its peak has been proven scientifically to be affected by nutrients and other naturally occurring compounds in the food that we eat.

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