New Year 2016 : Health and Wellbeing -small steps towards a bigger goal

It’s a New Year, and we’re now into the third week of January 2016 !
So why not focus on your Health and Wellbeing? But where do we start? This is my first of a series of posts that will intend to potentially share useful information with you!

It is true that we often ‘try’ to start afresh on the 1st week of January every year. Our well-intended resolutions commonly include: exercise more, eat less sugar and junk, cut down on alcohol and caffeine, stop smoking and finally try that quinoa or matcha tea! Do we always succeed? Some do, in the short term but a lot of us cannot sustain these changes. How about changing your approach?” “ Instead of setting a date as a springboard and let the calendar do the rest”, set yourself SMART goals (specific measurable achievable realistic and time-bound). (Rose, J.)

Busy schedules often mean we have no time to pack lunches or healthy nibbles. Healthy snacks on the go that you could try !!: Kale crisps by Inspiral, Squirrel Sisters Bars, Ape Coconut Curls, Tamari Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by ClearSpring, GoMarcro by Macrobar.

What about exercise ? The gym and the same routine gets boring in the long run. These are a few locations in London that you can think of.

Exercise venues to try: Bouldering at the Urban Ascent (Parsons green), Boxfit at Frame (several locations), Dance classes at the Dance Attic (Fulham), Spinning at Psycle (Mortimer street/Canary Wharf), but also locally Ride Republic (Fulham).Ever heard of TruBe ? It’s a fitness app which brings the fitness session and the trainer to you.

Eateries to try ? These are not necessarily new, but offer you healthy options in London

Healthy eats to try: Ethos (Central London), The Good Life Eatery (Chelsea), Clifton Nurseries Café (Maida Vale), The Putney Canteen (Putney), Sticks and Sushi (Wimbledon or Central London),

Anything else?
Focus on your core, to support your back, improve your posture and the strength of your abdominals. Kibar, S. et al (2015)
.Examples include : Plank with an arm lift, Lateral Pillar Bridge and a Glute Bridge. Learnt some of those from Charlotte, an excellent pilates teacher now based in southfields!(Pilates by PT , find her on facebook!)

Book in for an appointment with me, to help you set your goals and make sustainable changes geared to your health and work/life balance.

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Ps:I am sorry to have been rather absent in writing new posts, but with a new role as a technical nutritionist, a holiday away, Christmas celebrations, and seeing clients, I found it tricky to keep up.

Rose, James (2015) therapist and performance coach.
Kibar , S. et al . (2015) :Is pilates exercise program effective on balance, flexibility and muscle endurance? Randomized, controlled study.