‘About’- Nutri Affairs

Nutri Affairs has grown out of love and passion for a more natural way of life.

Our mission: Empower and Inspire you to achieve a tailored approach to nutrition and optimal wellness.

Isabelle is a pharmacist and the nutritional therapist at Nutri Affairs.

Nutritionist in London

Being in the unique position of having both these qualifications, she can share with you her knowledge on the health benefits of nutrition to either complement or provide alternative solutions to traditional therapies and can help you to address complex health conditions.

Her personal and professional experience has led Isabelle to adopt a different approach in tackling health concerns. Through her constant interaction with patients and the ever changing field of nutrition we are faced with, she has come to the conclusion that a great number of people often fail to fully appreciate the complexities involved with nutrition and optimal wellness. The impact of hectic lifestyles and environmental factors are elements that are not always taken into account when addressing health issues, even more so as we are of different genetic make ups.

While advising clients on a variety of health complaints, Isabelle always aims to find the root cause of the problems rather than simply addressing the symptoms. This is also the basis of Nutritional Therapy.

At Nutri Affairs, we can work together to make long standing changes to your health and wellness.

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