Roasted aubergine dip

Easy recipe and a great alternative to hummus

Roast three to four aubergines with some sea salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil
Combine the flesh with three cloves of crushed garlic, two tablespoons of tahini ,the juice of one lemon. Season to taste.

Serve spinkled with sumac,  as a starter with crudites or  flat bread.

Eggplants have wonderful nutritional benefits.

Low GI, perfect when keep your blood sugar levels at bay
Rich in fibre and incredibly versatile
Lower Blood pressure ( high in potassium and low in sodium)
High in the antioxidant Nasunin, which can help prevent the growth and multiplication of cancer cells
High in the antioxidant Chlorogenic acid, contributes in lowering cholesterol, prevent cancer growth as well and fight off free radicals
Rich in minerals and vitamins

By eating the garlic raw, you obtain a higher nutritional benefit : anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti -cancer properties also listed by Garlic contains-sulphur containing compounds which have the ability to stimulate liver enzymes and remove toxins from the body so eat your homemade pestos !

Careful for those who suffer from gout, as eggplants are high in uric acid and high consumptions may not be advisable

JUICING : trendy, healthy, green ?

I say all of the above

It has become trendier to consume juices in the last few years and juicers and their related products are selling fast. But why ?

Cold pressed juices would be the best choice !Crushing the juices out of the vegetables to then squeeze out the juice with the highest nutritional value. High in digestive enzymes, bacteria, thickness, and they are about 3 to 5 times higher in nutrients than juices you’d buy from a carton of orange juice.

Why go green ?
  • Allows you to have a high intake of nutrients in one go, especially if you are finding it hard to compensate elsewhere.
  • By favouring more greens than fruits in your juice, you opt for a lower sugar content. (always check the label if purchasing juices.)

-Great for the digestive tract !

  • Reduce the level of acidity in the stomach which may be caused several factors including high or continuous intakes of coffee, processed food, spicy/greasy food, alcohol, irregular eating habits, stress, refined sugars .
  • Just remember to try and have the pulp of you juice if your juicer separates them. This is packed with dietary fibre, and is responsible for lowering your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, regulating your bowels, making you feel fuller for longer.
  • Oxygenates the body, due to the natural content of ‘chlorophyll’ in the greens. Chlorophyll works by neutralising the pollution (environmentally,or through our diet/lifestyle) and allows the removal of toxins. Since it improves the amount of red blood cell count (haemoglobin) , our blood flow improves and the result is higher energy levels !
  • Green juice is healing as it cleanses our inner cell walls and improves the health of our intestines and lungs amongst others.

Do we need to survive on juicing to do a cleanse ?

No, I don’t think so. The body naturally detoxifies itself through the GI tract , Liver and Kidneys

top tips :

Use fresh vegetables, organic if you can. Use more greens than fruits. Use a juice maker that does not heat and pulverise in a way as to destroy the nutrients. Brands I like : Nutri Bullet, Vitamix, Phillips juice maker

Make sure to keep the good stuff ! aka the pulp. You may convert this into a smoothie with almond milk for example and have a protein intake.

Today I made a kale/ ginger/granny smith apples/ carrot juice


Kale and Walnut Pesto recipe

80g of toasted walnuts, juice of 1 lemon, 75ml of olive oil,2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, 85 g of kale, sea salt and pepper to taste. if you want to add more flavour, add some parmesan to the recipe (40 g or more). Blend it all and it’s done !

Kale has so many wonderful properties ! it is a powerful antioxidant -with about 45 different flavonoids. High in omega 3’s, manganese, copper, folate, calcium, vitamins A and C. Powerful anti-inflammatory and is amazing at reducing chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in several health conditions, for instance psoriasis. It has anti-cancer properties due to its glucosinolates content (a type of flavonoid)

(oxidative stress occurs when you have poor absorption and not just an insufficient intake of antioxidants. The way oxygen is metabolised in the body is then compromised. The body is unable to fight and repair its cells and therefore leading to ill health)

The omega 3’s in kale and walnuts feed our brains with the right fats (polyunsaturated) allowing prevention and protection against disease.
(For example : Lower blood pressure, reduce and prevent cholesterol, protect brain cells and is involved in reducing risk of depression for instance)

Its nutritional values are best kept when served steamed or raw.

I will try and keep it short and simple for now and tell you more about FATS another day


Nourishing breakfast

Feeling under the weather ?

how about a deliciously nourishing breakfast,

This morning it was a blend of chia seeds, sliced banana, kiwi, almond flakes, and a handful of organic oats, with a dash of almond milk. Since I needed a kick, I added a teaspoon of maca powder.

To top this up, I had a cup of licorice tea. It has a lovely sweet flavour, and is the perfect choice for a sore throat and chesty cough. By acting as a demulcent, it coats the throat with a thin layer of mucous thus protecting delicate tissues . It can also act as an expectorant, by clearing the congestion from the lungs and bronchial tubes.

I would advise you to be cautious if you have high blood pressure or are taking any medications for that matter.