Facts about coconut oil that I love!

I thought it worth to mention the wonderful benefits of coconut oil. Over the last few weeks, especially with the cold weather and harsh stripping nature of water in London,  I saw patients struggling with dry skin or a worsening of dermatological conditions, just like I did prior to attending my course at the CNM college in  London.
Like a lot of us, I have eczema, which is chronic and preventative care is better than curing it constantly with steroidal creams. Although I have changed a few other things (products, diet, lifestyle) , my skin is in a much better place and I would always recommend coconut oil.
Facts I love about coconut oil which I use for cooking, baking, adding to smoothies and topical applications
  • It has Anti-inflammatory properties, therefore topically it is a wonderful natural remedy for dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis. Soothes dry, irritated, cracked skin. Taken orally, it  is great when  used along other dietary and lifestyle measures for inflammatory conditions (arthritis, ulcerative colitis )
  • Anti-microbial, perfect when there are signs of a bacterial infection.
  • It mostly contains lauric acid also present in breastmilk and is 100% lactose free. Coconut oil is classified as ‘good fats’. It is made of  medium chain fatty acid (unlike most foods in  common diets, have long chain fatty acids). Itlowers Cholesterol by increasing HDL  (high density lipoprotein) in the blood
  • Anti-fungal– it can  also help prevent dandruff by topical application on the scalp.
  • Anti-oxidant- Helps our bodies fight off free radical damage ( from UV light, pollution, stress, air- pollution.) Due to this property, it is Anti-ageing, so  ladies apply it to the max !
  • Use it for cooking as it is heat resistant (unlike oils like sunflower, soya, peanut, vegetable which are converted to harmful free radicals).If a recipe states other types of fat, you may swap it for coconut oil.
  • Lovely Natural Moisturiser as an alternative to our daily skin care products which often contain chemicals.
  • Weight management– fantastic as part of a weight management programme or simply when  following a healthy routine, it contributes to a reduction in appetite and helps to boost your metabolism. Coconut oil is directly absorbed by the liver and almost immediately metabolised and converted to energy. Because of their medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil (unlike other fats which have long chain fatty acids) are not packaged into molecules called lipoproteins and do not circulate in the blood stream to stay! As a reference, it is also lower in calories than any other oil
  • Enhances the Thyroid function, and therefore the production of hormones involved with mood, energy, metabolism, body temperature, heart rate and other body functions.
  • Nutritional Scientific research has also found benefits of coconut oil in degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s
  • Other uses: Cradle cap, Canker sores, Acne, Hair conditioning treatment, Make up remover,
Brands I like include TIANA-organic extra virgin coconut oil; Nutivaorganic extra virgin coconut oil.