Get your MOJO back !

Get your MOJO back !

Dear Nutri Affairs followers,

Christmas and the festivities of the new year are now over and you may want to provide your body with the tools it needs to flourish again !


Here are my TOP TIPS for energising you and get your MOJO back !

  • SLEEP and get the BALANCE right. Fuel your body at the right times, eat 3 balanced meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable and therefore energy constant !if you feel the urge include a form of protein i.e a fruit and a handful of nuts.
  • Why Essential Fatty Acids ?- EFA’s support your cells membranes in maintaining their flexibility and fluidity, they allow messages to move between cells to the mitochondria; our powerhouse of energy cells . Found in Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, Oily Fish, Coconut oil..
  • PROTEIN : it does not only ‘make you fuller for longer’, it regenerates your cells. protein is broken down to amino acids, to then form new proteins, replacing cellular components that have been worn out. In addition- Amino acids are involved in making hormones, which allows your cells to communicate and the body to function as it should !

avocado run
Choose good quality protein, (wild caught) fish,legumes, nuts, organic eggs, grass fed meat if you can. Spirulina is also a powerful vegetarian protein source.

  • Replenish your body with you ANTIOXIDANTS, these good guys will fight off free radicals from causing cell damage. Free radicals build up with toxins found in foods, medication, pollution and even radiation. If these accumulate, free radical damage causes our little cells to function poorly therefore you can easily feel drained and lethargic

So make sure that you blast your diet with foods high in vitamin A, C and E. Want to speed up the process of toxin elimination? Add chlorella to your diet. It is so wonderful at binding to toxin molecules like spiders and pushing them out of the body

  • GO GREEN , My nutritional heroes : kale/spirulina/spinach/ parsley/basil. They are rich in chlorophyll, which resembles a haemoglobin cell, and transports oxygen around the body ! Greens are mighty and full of B vitamins , Magnesium and Alpha lipoic acid , all crucial for energy production
  • Try MACA ! Used back in the days by warriors for their endurance and energising properties It also helps to balance our hormones which can easily go haywire. Made into a superfood powder that I love, you can add a scoop to your porridge, bakes, smoothies giving you a boost in energy.
  • Top up with B5 : stimulate your adrenal glands and supports your stamina and ability to deal with stress. anxiety and feeling low. Avocadoes that we all love are high in B5 ! so have it on toast to start your day or as a snack ! Sprinkle with pumpkin or sunflower seeds and some cayenne pepper. Sounds delicious !
  • DITCH the caffeine fuelled drinks and processed sugars which only give you a rise in cortisol and sharp drop in energy once their effects wear off. They also affect good quality sleep !Again if Maca is within reach have some if you can. if not green tea, powerful in antioxidants
  • DO something that makes you LAUGH…the best natural energy booster found on earth ! 🙂