JUICING : trendy, healthy, green ?

I say all of the above

It has become trendier to consume juices in the last few years and juicers and their related products are selling fast. But why ?

Cold pressed juices would be the best choice !Crushing the juices out of the vegetables to then squeeze out the juice with the highest nutritional value. High in digestive enzymes, bacteria, thickness, and they are about 3 to 5 times higher in nutrients than juices you’d buy from a carton of orange juice.

Why go green ?
  • Allows you to have a high intake of nutrients in one go, especially if you are finding it hard to compensate elsewhere.
  • By favouring more greens than fruits in your juice, you opt for a lower sugar content. (always check the label if purchasing juices.)

-Great for the digestive tract !

  • Reduce the level of acidity in the stomach which may be caused several factors including high or continuous intakes of coffee, processed food, spicy/greasy food, alcohol, irregular eating habits, stress, refined sugars .
  • Just remember to try and have the pulp of you juice if your juicer separates them. This is packed with dietary fibre, and is responsible for lowering your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, regulating your bowels, making you feel fuller for longer.
  • Oxygenates the body, due to the natural content of ‘chlorophyll’ in the greens. Chlorophyll works by neutralising the pollution (environmentally,or through our diet/lifestyle) and allows the removal of toxins. Since it improves the amount of red blood cell count (haemoglobin) , our blood flow improves and the result is higher energy levels !
  • Green juice is healing as it cleanses our inner cell walls and improves the health of our intestines and lungs amongst others.

Do we need to survive on juicing to do a cleanse ?

No, I don’t think so. The body naturally detoxifies itself through the GI tract , Liver and Kidneys

top tips :

Use fresh vegetables, organic if you can. Use more greens than fruits. Use a juice maker that does not heat and pulverise in a way as to destroy the nutrients. Brands I like : Nutri Bullet, Vitamix, Phillips juice maker

Make sure to keep the good stuff ! aka the pulp. You may convert this into a smoothie with almond milk for example and have a protein intake.

Today I made a kale/ ginger/granny smith apples/ carrot juice