Kale and Walnut recipe

Kale and Walnut Pesto recipe

80g of toasted walnuts, juice of 1 lemon, 75ml of olive oil,2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, 85 g of kale, sea salt and pepper to taste. if you want to add more flavour, add some parmesan to the recipe (40 g or more). Blend it all and it’s done !

Kale has so many wonderful properties ! it is a powerful antioxidant -with about 45 different flavonoids. High in omega 3’s, manganese, copper, folate, calcium, vitamins A and C. Powerful anti-inflammatory and is amazing at reducing chronic inflammation and oxidative stress in several health conditions, for instance psoriasis. It has anti-cancer properties due to its glucosinolates content (a type of flavonoid)

(oxidative stress occurs when you have poor absorption and not just an insufficient intake of antioxidants. The way oxygen is metabolised in the body is then compromised. The body is unable to fight and repair its cells and therefore leading to ill health)

The omega 3’s in kale and walnuts feed our brains with the right fats (polyunsaturated) allowing prevention and protection against disease.
(For example : Lower blood pressure, reduce and prevent cholesterol, protect brain cells and is involved in reducing risk of depression for instance)

Its nutritional values are best kept when served steamed or raw.

I will try and keep it short and simple for now and tell you more about FATS another day