Overnight Oats With Banana And Kiwi

Nourishing breakfast

Feeling under the weather ?

how about a deliciously nourishing breakfast,

This morning it was a blend of chia seeds, sliced banana, kiwi, almond flakes, and a handful of organic oats, with a dash of almond milk. Since I needed a kick, I added a teaspoon of maca powder.

To top this up, I had a cup of licorice tea. It has a lovely sweet flavour, and is the perfect choice for a sore throat and chesty cough. By acting as a demulcent, it coats the throat with a thin layer of mucous thus protecting delicate tissues . It can also act as an expectorant, by clearing the congestion from the lungs and bronchial tubes.

I would advise you to be cautious if you have high blood pressure or are taking any medications for that matter.