Nutrition and Us,
It’s a Nutritional Affair

Our requirements for food is primal but our relationship with it is both complex and emotional. Food is not merely a source of energy but plays an important role in our health and the way we feel every day. The body’s ability to function at its peak has been proven scientifically to be affected by nutrients and other naturally occurring compounds in the food that we eat. Once broken down in the body, these work in synergy with our organs and are involved in numerous internal chemical reactions. The result of their interaction helps to prevent disease, restore vitality and are key components in our body’s ability to respond to daily environmental changes.

It therefore makes sense to say that what we eat can truly affect how we feel. For instance, it can affect our quality of sleep; our ability to reproduce; to fight disease or recover from an illness but also affect the way in which our hormones interact.

Recent research has shown that there is even an interaction between components of food and an individual’s genetic makeup at a molecular level. Thus for some of us and in specific situations, our diet can be a pertinent risk factor for a significant number of health conditions.

More and more of us now turn to Nutritional Therapy as a method of healing knowing that the right nutrition for our bodies can give us the tools for our health to flourish as it is designed and has the ability to do.

How does Nutritional Therapy work ? and Why does it work?

In a nutshell, Nutritional Therapy is the application of Nutrition Science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Nutritional Therapy allows us to delve deeper into evaluating an individual’s health, by using the functional medicine model which involves the use of diagnostic tools and the identification of potential nutritional imbalances.

A brief overview of this method would be to conduct a thorough assessment of your environment, diet, lifestyle, emotions, genes, medical history, the way each body system works and their individual interaction.

This evidence based approach to a health assessment provides us with solutions to every problem however small that may affect your health and wellness whether it be difficulty in sleeping, migraines, muscle aches, pre-menstrual symptoms, bloating or fungal nail infections to name but a few. We also look at chronic conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes or Ulcerative Colitis in greater detail, and support you to address these and support your general wellbeing.

‘Holistic Functional Medicine’ as we would describe it, takes into account that the body must be treated as a WHOLE: mind, body and spirit and not simply as individual independent organs.

Nutritional therapy WORKS because you are unique and therefore we use a personalised approach and provide tailored solutions to your needs.

At Nutri Affairs, we do not remove certain food categories from your diet solely on the basis that they are not ‘right’ according to common thinking or health claims, but rather based on ‘how you adapt and react to specific food categories’.

With our knowledge of Nutritional Science and Functional Medicine, we can use food as a tool towards a healthier you!

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