What we can offer you

One to one Consultations

Individual consultations to evaluate your health status, needs, objectives and building a therapeutic relationship on a One to One basis at our practice centres across London.

More details in ‘Individual Consultations’.

Corporate Wellbeing

Improving the health and wellbeing of corporate clients and their colleagues to support peak performance at work.

More details in ‘Corporate Wellbeing’

Home or Office visits

Consultations can be conducted at your home or office if convenient to you. Support can also be provided to de-clutter your pantry, introduce new food and jazz up your kitchen. Choices made will be both practical and realistic to suit your lifestyle.

Personal shopping

At Nutri Affairs, we can accompany you on your shopping trip or provide you with shopping lists or tips. Understanding labels, inspiring you to be adventurous in your choices towards optimal health in addition to advising you on cooking and storing food to best retain its nutritional value.

Health talks and Workshops

Nutri affairs organises talks and workshops in and around London in partnership with ‘naturopathically health’ minded companies at a variety of venues. Keep an eye on the Nutri Affairs blog and come along to enhance your nutritional knowledge.

Organisations Isabelle holds workshops for include

MIND -a nutrition workshop for mental and physical wellbeing

Nuffield Health- Nutrition workshops for ‘Food Clubs’ and ‘Health events’

Nourishing & Diverse Menu Planning

Nourishing and diverse menu planning for events. Tailored to each clients’ needs based on naturopathic principles and bursting with flavours!

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