Show your liver some TLC


The liver is your largest organ and gland in the body. It lies beneath your ribs and everything you breathe and swallow meets the liver
Its functions include
-acts as a filter which cleans up all our toxins
-stores our vitamins and iron
-detoxifies the blood and produce bile
All these functions allow your internal system to run smoothly
liver photo

Signs of poor bile flow can include, constipation which can be aggravated by fibre supplements, flatulence, dry skin and hair, indigestion an hour or two after food, or a feeling of indigestion after meals high in fat content, or even small and hard stools.

After a period of indulgence or a few drinks here and there, it all takes its toll on your liver
Follow these simple tips to naturally and effectively cleanse your liver.

Your liver loves superfoods because they work as stimulants for the liver. Several vegetables are rich in the magic protein, glutathione, which works by detoxifying the liver. So double check your shopping list, and start off by adding carrots. Not only are they versatile, eaten raw or cooked, suiting any dinner dish really, but they are also heavy in glutathione. Beetroots are just as amazing as carrots ! Tomatoes also have abundant amounts of glutathione, they detoxify and stimulate the liver simultaneously ! that’s fantastic! so have them on a toast for breakfast, as a soup, toss them in a salad or make a tomato salsa as a side dish for dinner. What about kale !! this green leafy vegetable that I discovered in the UK, is so in season ! have them as a side to your eggs, they can form the bulk of your green juices or smoothies, make a pesto ( see my kale and walnut pesto recipe) or in a soup. At college, they recommended once, to massage the kale with good olive oil and have them in a salad ! That’s if you have time to do such a thing. Kale (from the brassica family) contains sulphurous compounds such as sulphoraphane and Indole 3 carbinol, involved in the detoxification pathways of the liver! Another member of the brassica family, includes brussels sprouts, still in season ! and no they should not just be around for Christmas !B.Sprouts are both high in anti-oxidants and their sulphur content force the liver to release enzymes. If they are not your thing, then pick avocadoes. You’ll notice that all nutritionists/nutritional therapists are raving about avocadoes, they are just so good ! tasty, nutrient dense and they aid the production of glutathione.Spinach is my all time favourite healing antidote, which also triggers toxin cleaning enzymes.


How about FRUITS !
I cannot live a day without fruits, yes they can be high in sugar but in the right quantities and balanced with the right categories of food, they are just fine. As liver healing remedies, grapefruit lovers will be happy to know that these are packed with the magic protein, glutathione, high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C which boosts the production of detoxifying enzymes. Citrus fruits in general have wonderful healing habits because they stimulate the liver as well as synthesizing toxic materials into substances which are absorbed by water. Just like the saying goes ‘Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away’, well being high in pectin, they cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract so the liver can then handle the toxic load more effectively

Herbal teas.
These can be your alternative to your cuppa of tea or coffee.They are invigorating and warm, and can be a tool to help your liver cleanse. Dandelion tea for instance helps your liver break down fats which produce amino acids, and research shows it helps to transport toxins away from the liver to be excreted by the body and assists liver function. Green tea is glorious and is packed of anti-oxidants called catechins which assist liver function. Milk thistle, as most of you know, is a great liver cleanser.

Your liver DISLIKES

is usually the main culprit for a pounding head, which is down to dehydration.Your liver has to work overtime to get rid of alcoholic toxins and dehydration means the body can’t flush these toxins out.Some natural healers can give you a happy head once again. Warm water and lemon is a wake up call for the liver, it triggers nerve and hormone activation directly to the liver.Upon waking up daily, it is also a wonderful tool to kick your liver’s activity. A lot of us forget, that water is our body’s greatest fuel, and drinking sufficient fluid boosts the flow of nutrients to and from the liver. Spices like Turmeric, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which benefit and protect the liver. Other ways to get the grips with you weekend hangover, crab apple, zinc and garlic !


When your body cannot process excess fatty food, salt, iron, and vitamin A, it stores it naturally in the liver. This can cause abnormal liver function and inflammation which can lead to a condition called Cirrhosis.(Cirrhosis is a term used to describe scarring of the liver after long term and continuous damage and scar tissue replaces healthy tissue

Perhaps it is time to use some of those tips if you don’t already to cleanse your liver naturally. Head down to a farmer’s market and stock up on superfoods. Regenerate and cleanse ! it is your liver and your life.